Exhibitor Floor Plan/Map

Download the Conference Exhibit Floor Plan/Map (PDF file).

Text Description

The Exhibitor Hall is located in Exhibition Hall at the Alliant Energy Center – Hall A. You enter Exhibition Hall at the Alliant Energy Center – Hall A at the east (and slightly south) end of the 210 foot (east-west) by 120 foot (north-south) domino-shaped room. There is aisle walking space in the front of the room (north-south), with three evenly spaced apart center aisles running east-west.  These three center east-west aisles are split after three booths by one center aisle running north-south, followed by a continuation of the three evenly spaced apart center east-west aisles (for another two booths west).  Booths also line both the north and south wall, with an exhibitor lounge area located at the west end of the exhibit area along the north wall.  The overall exhibitor area takes up about half of the east-west space in the room (the other half consists of an eating area, concessions, bathrooms and on Sunday will have an APH exhibit on adaptive physical education adjoining the exhibit area to the west and before one gets to the eating area, concessions and bathrooms further west).  There are six exhibition booth sections in the room.  Immediately in front of you as you enter is a two booth wide (north-south) by three booth long (east-west) block.  Behind that 2×3 block of exhibit booths is the north-south center aisle followed by a 2×2 block booth section. To your left, across a center east-west aisle there are six booths that line the south wall.  To your right across another center east-west aisle is another two booth wide (north-south) by three booth long (east-west) block that also has behind it the center north-south aisle followed by a two-by-two booth section further west.  On your far right, past the third center east-west aisle is the north wall that has six booths lining the wall.  Booth numbers start from the south-east wall (far left as you enter) from 1 to 32, going down the line east to west and then returning east, moving north one booth and resuming numbering down the line. So that as you enter, on your immediate far left (south-east) is booth 1. Next to booth 1 one, going further away from you (to the west) along the south wall is booth 2, then further booth 3, etc. until booth 6 is reached.  Again from booth 1, one booth across the center east-west aisle moving to your right (north) is booth 7.  Going away from you to the west from booth 7 are booths 8 and 9 followed by the north-south center aisle and then again to the west booths 10 and 11.  Next to booth 7 going right (north) is booth 12. Behind it to the west is booth 13 then 14.  Moving further west from booth 14 is the north-south center aisle, and further west are booths 15 and 16.  Moving further right, across the center-most of the three center east-west aisles, is booth 17 and to it’s immediate right (north) booth 22 – again both are part of a 2×3 block of booths followed to the west by a 2×2 block of booths.  Moving further right from booth 22, across the center east-west aisle is booth 27 head of a line of six east-west booths that line the northern wall.

There are additional doors on the north wall (to the far right as you enter) that lead to a little used hallway for the Exhibition Hall at the Alliant Energy Center. All educational presentation and meeting rooms are to the north of the Exhibition Hall at the Alliant Energy Center – Hall A.